The Relaxed Concert

Sun 22 March, 3pm
Birmingham Town Hall
Featuring James Rowney and Orchestra of the Swan
Tickets £12

Join ventriloquist James and his friend Little Jim as they attend their first ever concert. The Orchestra of the Swan take you on a musical adventure through time and space all the way to the last night of the proms! This is a special one-off concert in a relaxed setting to introduce you to the orchestra, and the music you might know and love, as voted for by the families in the Autism West Midlands network, performed live in the magnificent Town Hall. But we’ve thrown the rule book out of the window, so we don’t mind if you clap or cheer, talk or laugh or even dance if you want to! Bring the whole family along to hear the music of wizards, time lords and William Tell, all in an autism-friendly, family-friendly, everyone-friendly atmosphere.

Relaxed concerts and performances are open to everyone but are specifically welcoming to people with an Autistic Spectrum condition, a learning disability or a sensory and communication disorder. It’s a great way for individuals, families, groups and schools to experience live performances together in an adapted environment. A relaxed concert or performance is designed to be less formal and embrace different types of audience reactions – an easy way to think of them is 'the opposite of the quiet carriage on the train’.


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