Make your own comtemporary art pumpkin

Thanks to the artist Louise Bradbury for this contemporary art pumpkin inspired by the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Why not have a go at home using her simple 10 step guide?


choose a pumpkin – regular shapes work best with this design – maybe you can find one like Yayoi Kusama’s artwork

2  cut lid with saw, cut at 45 degree angle down towards the middle, so the lid fits back in, and cut a ‘tooth’ shape to make it easy to put the lid back in the right place.


3  scoop out seeds and stringy bits (keep seeds for roasting!)

4  carve out flesh using scooper, wide metal spoon or apple corer – at this stage leave flesh about 1cm thick all round.


draw holes with brown pen on alternate segments of pumpkin and lid from top to bottom, leaving gaps between

use corer to score circles into the skin on pumpkin and lid – just shallow cuts

7  cut out these circles with the saw – rotating the pumpkin not the saw is easier.

8  cut down narrow stripes into the skin in between segments – not all the way through!


9  use pumpkin tool or screwdriver to make smaller holes all the way through the sides.

10  use apple corer to make holes in solid segments, push through and pull back out with the corer.


Done your own? Send us a photo!