Family Arts Network

Kent Family Arts Network (KFAN) was initiated in early 2014 by a group of Kent organisations with a passion for presenting and producing work for families in the county. The network is highly diverse with members spread geographically – from the Orchard Theatre in Dartford at the London edge of the garden, down to The Winter Gardens in Margate, virtually in the sea! It is also spread widely across the cultural spectrum from performing arts venues to orchestras, galleries and museums. All with an abiding desire to encourage families to come and enjoy the many events, workshops, performances and activities that take place throughout the year. Members have also made a commitment to the Family Arts Standards.

 The current members of the network are:

KFAN is delighted to have been awarded Test Drive funding from the Family Arts Campaign to create a new website for both resident and visiting families in Kent called Go Kent.

Go Kent is dedicated to informing families who live and are visiting Kent about all the events that they can get involved in. It also has loads of useful information about the organisations themselves so that visitors will know exactly what to expect from the experience. And, most importantly, network members will be offering lots of discounts to events and activities for first time visitors with the Try This programme.

This project is being delivered in partnership with the Kent Messenger Group who are the largest media organization in the county.