Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Get Creative Family Arts Festival?

The Get Creative Family Arts Festival is the first UK-wide festival of art events which are designed with families in mind. You can find out all about what’s going on by searching for events on the website.

How long is the Family Arts Festival on for?

The 2016 Get Creative Family Arts Festival will run from 1st - 31st October.

Who is running the events?

Organisations from around the UK are putting on arts events which are suitable for families. The Family Arts Festival is part of a bigger programme, supported by the arts industry and funded by the Arts Council England, which aims to support organisations in providing high quality events for families. 

How do I find out what’s on?

From June 2014, you will be able to search by postcode to see what’s on in your area. You will also be able to search by art form and by suitability of events for different age groups. Sign up for our emails to get ongoing updates of what’s been added to the programme. 

How does the website work?

The website currently contains details of arts venues and organisations that have signed up to the Family Arts Standards. From June 2014, you will be able to search for events in the 2014 Family Arts Festival from the home page or from any other page in the site. The search will bring you up a list of events, and then you can click through to the events you are interested in. 

How do I get tickets?

Each event page will contain information regarding tickets e.g. is the event ticketed or not, is it free or paid and are concessionary tickets available. You cannot book or obtain tickets on our website but, if you click the 'Find out more/Book' button on each event page then you will be taken through to the organisation’s website to book (if this is required) or to find out how to attend. 

Will I have to pay for the events? If so, how much are they?

There will be some free events and some at accessible prices dependent on each venue’s pricing policy. Please check with that particular venue for their prices and for possible concessions. On each event page, it will say if the event is free or paid, and will give pricing information if it is available. Please click the 'Find out more/Book' button on each specific event page to see more information regarding pricing. 

Which ages are the events suitable for?

Organisers will be putting on events which are suitable for different age groups within a family to enjoy. Each event page will have information regarding the suitability for different age groups of the event. You can also search events by age range if you would like. 

Can my child/baby attend the event?
Will the show be suitable for children?

The events in the Family Arts Festival aim to be inclusive for families of all ages, however each event is different and suitable for different age groups. All venues have also been asked to provide information under 'Family Friendly Facilities' on the event pages. Please see each individual event page on the website or contact the venue directly if you have a specific question which is not covered on either the Family Arts Festival or the venue’s website. 

How about access for disabled people?

Our aim is to have an inclusive experience for everyone. Each venue will have different facilities. On each event page there should be information provided under the title 'Accessibility' which details the venue’s facilities and access for disabled people. This may be a summary of the information on the venue’s website, so if the information you are looking for is not there, click 'Find out more/Book' and you will be taken through to the venue’s website for fuller information. 

Are there food and beverage/restaurant facilities?

This will depend on the venue. Again, please check the Family Friendly Facilities information on the events pages as there may be information regarding catering facilities, or do check the event’s website by clicking the 'Find out more/Book' button on each event page. 

Can I cancel my booking/tickets?

If you have booked tickets and need to cancel, please check with the individual venue for its booking policies. 

What if the event is cancelled?

In the unlikely event that an event is cancelled, the venue will have its own cancellation policy so please do check with the venue. 

I’ve bought tickets online but they haven’t arrived. What do I do?

As each venue has their own procedures, we would advise you to please contact the organisation directly with whom you have purchased the tickets 

Can I take photographs / sketch in event venues?

Although many venues are happy for pictures to be taken, it does depend on the policy of the venue. We suggest you ask the venue if there are any restrictions. 

Can I suggest an event for the Family Arts Festival?

We welcome any suggestions put forward for Family Arts Festival events; however we do need organisations to be able to put on the events. If you know an organisation which could put on an event, or if you are an organisation who would like to put on an event, please encourage the correct person to register here and you will be taken through the sign up process. Organisations can register their events right up to the start of the festival in October.

Who can I contact with any issues or further questions?

If it is a query regarding a specific venue, please contact the venue directly by clicking on the 'Find Out More/Book' button which will take you to their website. If you have a broader question regarding the Festival you can email us here. We aim to get back to you within 48 hours of your email.