Edible Orchestra

Yesterday saw the Get Creative Family Arts Festival team up with the London Vegetable Orchestra for a very special vegetable instrument workshop!

The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra and Royal College of Music students joined us, ahead of their 'Ratatouille live in concert' performance and workshop, just one of 5,000 events for families in this October's Festival.

After an important safety briefing, our resident musicians set to work on carrot recorders, courgette trumpets, and butternut squash French horns.

After hollowing out their chosen vegetable, it was time to add mouthpieces and bells (the part of an instrument where the sound comes out). The final step was to test the instrument and perfect the sound.

After that, we headed outside to the famous steps of London's Royal Albert Hall for a very special Get Creative Family Arts Festival Edible Orchestra performance.

Even the papers turned up to take photos and film the event!

Here's a short video about the day. You can find more clips and photos on our Facebook page. What do you think about the edible orchestra? Let us know on Twitter with the hashtag #edibleorchestra.

You can find a family arts event near you this half-term on our interactive arts map.

If you're wondering what we did with all of the leftovers - well, we're planning on making some ratatouille...


Photos © Rachel Cherry