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Spring is Sprung!

With these lovely, longer, lighter evenings why not use our own postcode search to find some family adventures to keep you out past bedtime.

Or to find information on your favorite family friendly touring companies, orchestras & artists, here's a useful list.

Music, Dance, Theatre, Art...
Which is your favourite?

Do you like musicals or going to a concert? Maybe a dance show or arty workshop? Do you have a young family or older children? You’ll find what you’re looking for here!

Whether you’re in Birmingham, Newcastle, London or Bath, you’ll find somewhere near you to visit with your family.

Less than 190 days till the Festival begins...

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Family Arts Standards

How do you know if an arts organisation is family-friendly? Now you can look out for arts organisations using a new badge: the Family Arts Standards.

The Standards have been developed so that everyone knows which arts organisations offer a fantastic welcome to families, and they’ll all be listed on this website. You can read the Family Arts Standards and find out more about them here.